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Resources & Tools Used

Site template by Templated, highly recommend as it's a Creative Commons option. As of lately, I've been exploring a variety of apps in which to do my coding. In the past I've used Brackets but I've also tried Atom and now use Submlime Text. I started with Flux 4 and Adobe Dreamweaver but have since moved on as newer and better tools have been released.

Other Information

Website version: 5.2

Changes: Redesigned with a cleaner look for 2017-2018 and simplified content. Fixed issues with some PDFs.

Previous changes: Updated content across the board for 2017 including IB Diploma work from the Fall semester of senior year.

Previous previous changes: Implemented a photography portfolio and added a dropdown menu to the Photography menu item to access the various portfolio sections. Under-the-hood: changed providers.

3.2: Mainly design tweaks for 2016 and updating information. Dropped Delicious Library in favor of a Photography page in line with the work I'm doing now through Instagram (carousel gallery), 3.1: Redesigned, added mobile layout support, 3.0.1: updating for 2015, mainly Portfolio, Ambitions, and Library page, 3.0.2 Updated Portfolio

Last updated: Saturday, October 21st, 2017 @ 5:30 PM CST